Lovin’ My Para-Peeps

Last weekend, I had my first experience at a paranormal/horror convention at the Minneapolis Crypticon.  A HUGE thanks to Sean and Scott Spinks for letting me help them out at their Horrorizons table where they sold their super-awesome art which is inspired by classic horror films!!  If you’ve never seen their stuff, stop reading RIGHT now and check them out!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as my life takes a path down the paranormal highway, I’ve learned to be ready for anything.  The convention did NOT disappoint!

The crowd was packed with people in various stages of decay.  Some had gaping, bleeding soars on their face and arms.  Others sported vampire teeth that looked so realistic I found myself pulling my collar over my neck as they walked past.  There was even a tattoo room!  I refrained, but I’m so close to pulling the trigger on getting a tat.  I swear I’m gonna do it soon!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite things I experienced at the convention:

  • I was attacked by Freddy and Jason (I’ll share the photos of this attack on our Ghost Stories, Inc page tonight – why on that blog and not here?  Because I want you guys to go to our GSI blog…plus my fellow GSI member and convention attendee Sean Spinks hasn’t sent them to me yet, but I know I’ll have them by tonight because I have just publicly shamed him for being a total slacker)
  • I laid in a coffin.
  • I met Christopher Lutz, one of the children who lived through the real Amityville horror (who by the way is a super-nice guy)
  • I learned the process for having custom-made prosthetic fangs.
  • I learned how to have a conversation with someone who has red, white, yellow or black contact lenses over their eyes without thinking it’s weird to be having a conversation with someone who has red, white, yellow or black eyes.
  • I bought Logan an awesome special effects zombie bite for his Halloween costume.
  • Best of all…I made some REALLY cool new friends.

Here’s the thing about para-peeps..it doesn’t matter that they have fake blood dripping from their forehead or a ghastly, oozing wound across their cheek.  It’s no big deal that they have sharp fangs and unnaturally colored eyes.  Even if they happen to be hiding their face behind a gas mask, it’s all good.  Why?  Because, they  truly are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  I’m not sure you could surround yourself with a more accepting crowd.  And I like the vibe you get when you’re with people who are just cool with being who they are…gapping wounds and all!

One of the new friends I met is David Schrader from Darkness Radio.  When he told me Saturday I could stop by the station any time and sit in on a show, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t expecting me to text him Sunday and say, “I’ll see ya’ tomorrow night!”  But I did, cause I’m weird like that.  So last night, I got to chill with Dave and his cohort, Tim Dennis, while they did their three-hour-long radio program.  And true to para-peep style, they are about as nice-a-guys as you could ever be shut-up in a sound proof room with.  🙂

If you’d like to hear some awesome ghost stories and a few snippets of me trying not to sound like a goober on air, check out the podcast of last night’s show at the link below or listen to it on iTunes!  And guess what…they said I could come back anytime…so I will totally be going back!

This is what my blog stats look like AFTER being on Darkness Radio last night.
These are my blog stats AFTER being on Darkness Radio last night.  It’s probably because Dave told the audience I had swimsuit pictures on my blog.  🙂


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