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Addendum 3

Sometimes I show up at conferences, retreats, bookstores, and haunted places to chat about books, writing, mindfulness, chasing ghosts…or all of the above! Come say hi and swap a ghost story, if you can! 


Enchanted Expo with a Twist: Winter Wonderland

I will be doing a presentation alongside my co-writer, Natalie Fowler, about spirits. What’s a lost soul, what’s not, and how can you tell the difference.

  • Date: Saturday, December 2, 2023
  • Time: 10 am – 5:00 pm
  • Location: Shoreview Community Center, Shoreview, MN

Learn more about the event through the Facebook Event Page.

Get tickets through the Ticket Link.

There will be lots of vendors and some awesome speakers (besides Natalie and I), including one of my favorite humans, Time Dennis from Darkness Radio!

Ghosts of Christmas Past at the Manor

Embark on a night of intrigue and mystique with Ghost Stories Ink at the historic Manor in St. Paul! This exclusive, one-night-only event invites you to unravel the enigmatic past of a location once crowned as the ‘most mysterious house’ in St. Paul.


  • Historical Insights: Immerse yourself in an evening of discovery as we delve into the Manor’s rich history. Unearth tales of tragedy and secrets that have woven into the very fabric of this captivating property.
  • Paranormal Investigation: Join our seasoned investigators for an unforgettable journey into the unknown. Explore the Manor’s haunted corridors and rooms, as we seek to connect with the spirits that linger in its shadows.
  • Refreshments: Warm up after your paranormal escapade with delightful treats. Indulge in steaming cups of apple cider and hot cocoa, creating the perfect atmosphere to share your own ghostly encounters and reflections from the night.


  • Date: Saturday, December 16, 2023
  • Location: The Manor, St. Paul

Two Ticket Times: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm to Midnight.

Limited Availability: There are only 14 tickets available in each time slot. Reserve your spot for this special night of exploration and supernatural discovery.

Note: Due to the unique nature of this event, spaces are limited. Secure your spot now for an evening that promises to be both enlightening and spine-tingling. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to uncover the mysteries that shroud the Manor in St. Paul!

To select your ticket option, go to the Ghost Stories Ink event page on Eventbrite: 

Or you can select your option here and go directly to tickets for the time slot you want:

A New Year’s Paranormal Creative Retreat at the Palmer House

When? Thursday, January 4 – Sunday, January 7, 2024

Where? The Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, MN

Ticket can be purchased here.


Join the Ghost Stories Ink crew at the historic and notoriously haunted Palmer House Hotel. This is the location Ghost Stories Ink was born, and we return to our roots every year to recharge and connect with new and old friends, both living and not-so-living. 

Let the Past Inspire You as You Move into the New Year

Begin the New Year on a creep-cool note by immersing yourself in a captivating weekend of paranormal creativity at the iconic Palmer House Hotel. Our event offers a unique blend of artistic expression, storytelling, mindfulness, and the thrill of a paranormal investigation – all under the expert guidance of the experienced paranormal investigators and respected creative professionals of the Ghost Stories Ink crew.

Experience the Unseen

Unleash your artistic talents as you paint under the guidance of our skilled professional artists. Dive into the world of captivating storytelling, delving into the paranormal genre as you craft compelling short stories. And discover the power of the mind and learn techniques to manifest your aspirations, all in a setting rich with history and mystique.

Cap it all off by joining us as we explore the unknown, investigating the haunted secrets of the Palmer House Hotel, led by our seasoned team.

What Can You Expect?

The event dates are Thursday, January 4, 2024 – Sunday, January 7, 2024. Tickets are available at two levels:

Regular Tickets: Cost $175

  • Friday 7:00 pm: Meet-and-greet with giveaways.
  • Saturday (various times): Mindfulness/Manifesting Workshop, Writing Workshop, Art Workshop, and Paranormal Investigation
  • Access code to stay in the hotel for the weekend (cost of room and board not included)

VIP Tickets: Cost $215

  • All the things included with the regular ticket PLUS:
  • Thursday 7:00 pm: *Paint-and-Sip class with 2 COMPLIMENTARY drinks. **Hotel room FREE (Thursday night only).
  • Friday: Time to make the most of the inspirational space while working on your current writing or art project. Optional: a limited number of manuscript reviews will be available with Jessica Freeburg, and a limited number of psychic readings will be available with Natalie Fowler (additional fee / details available upon request).

An Iconic Location

The Palmer House Hotel stands as a timeless testament to the intersection of the past and present, making it the perfect backdrop for creative inspiration and a captivating paranormal adventure. Prepare to be inspired by the history and mysteries that reside within its walls.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to start your year with a blend of creativity, intrigue, and the unexplained. Secure your spot now and be part of an unforgettable journey into the supernatural.

Due to the limited amount of availability, tickets are non-refundable. If for some reason you are unable to attend, you can reach out to Jessica Freeburg (jessicafreeburg@gmail.com), and she will discuss your options with you.

* Paint-and-Sip tickets for non-event attendees are available for $50 each (and will include 1 complimentary drink ticket).

** Thursday night hotel room is free for anyone paying to stay Friday and Saturday.

Hotel rooms are NOT Included in the ticket price and must be reserved through the hotel on your own. A password/phrase is required to reserve a room. That phrase along with the contact information for the hotel will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your VIP ticket purchase.

For further details or to purchase tickets, check out the event on Eventbrite.

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