Upcoming Events

Addendum 3

Sometimes Jessica shows up at conferences, bookstores, and haunted places to chat about books, writing, chasing ghosts…or all of the above! Come say hi and swap a ghost story, if you can!

Add to that list of things she sometimes shows up to…Wellness Retreats! Come hear Jessica chat about the thing that gets her through each day and guides her life and career – mindfulness! 

What, when, and where?  Renew U (a one day women’s event) on Saturday 10/16/21 (9:30 am – 2:30 pm) at Messiah United Methodist Church in Plymouth. Click here for more details and the registration link. Registration is required. 


Ghost Stories Ink is hosting their annual Palmer House Event (back after a COVID-year off)! 

When? February 11 – 13 at the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, MN. If you’re a fan of all those paranormal shows, you might have seen this location featured on Ghost Adventures (twice) and The Dead Files. Join the team for writing, art, meditation, and a paranormal investigation. 

Click here to get your tickets! Space is limited! 

FUN FACT about The Dead Files episode: Natalie Fowler (MY co-writer and Ghost Stories Ink historian) and I were there during filming. And one of us (ME) accidentally interrupted Steve’s monologue by walking into the shot after sneaking into their room to use the bathroom (sorry, I’ve had three kids…the bladder only sorta works…I HAD TO GO!). 

OTHER FUN FACT (because fun facts are…well…fun!): A few years ago at our annual event at the Palmer House, several people witnessed a full-body apparition (dressed in 20s attire) speak to one of our attendees before following that attendee upstairs and disappearing into a locked bedroom. After sharing the strange experience with the hotel owner, she showed the witnesses an image of Hazel Palmer (the daughter of the original hotel owners), and they all agreed, that was the woman they saw. Hazel has been seen on multiple occasions at the hotel over the years. We were honored she chose to stop by and say “hi” (literally) during one of our events. Not so fun fact about this experience: I was in the lobby chatting with the witnesses minutes before Hazel appeared…but I decided to take a quick nap before our investigation that night so I totally missed it! Stupid nap!