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Truth Is Often
Stranger Than Fiction

As a writer, I’m drawn to creating works centered on dark moments from history, creepy legends, and the unexplained. My passion for ghost stories stems from a lifetime of personal experiences. While that might sound scary, I’ve discovered that my real-life encounters with spirits are generally less scary than the ones I write about in my fictional books. In fact, I’ve come to accept this piece of myself as part of my design. I can either choose to accept how I was put together and roll with it or try to hide it and live an inauthentic life. I choose to roll and embrace the journey I was created for!

“I run around haunted buildings and call it research. Then I write stuff and call it a book.”

In my creative life, I draw a lot of inspiration from ghostly encounters, which is why I formed Ghost Stories Ink, a group of authors, artists and filmmakers who visit historic and reportedly haunted locations for creative inspiration. We’ve investigated locations from New York to Los Angeles and lots of places in between. I’m as fascinated by the history of these locations as I am the ghost stories associated with them. It’s the humanity within the ghost story that truly captivates me. And it’s that humanity, I hope to bring to life when I share my stories, whether fiction or nonfiction, with you.

Wrapped inside every good ghost story is the story of a life. All the tragedy and triumph of living is what leaves a lasting impression on this world long after our physical bodies are gone.

Mindfulness In the Midst of Monsters

Ghosts and monsters and mindfulness? It’s a strange combination, but like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, these are a few of my favorite things. While my creative work is rooted in the creepier side of the paranormal and the unexplained, my life is guided by the lighter side of the spiritual realm. I am committed to living a life led by the still, small voice that speaks in the quiet moments of my prayers and meditations – that voice gives me my best ideas! This commitment allows me to live a life that is truly filled with joy. 

I am passionate about helping others live in that same mindset so they can embrace the journey of life with peace, even when the road is riddled with potholes and landmines. Your unique abilities, gifts, and experiences are what make you exactly what the world needs! Whether you’re hoping to discover your soul’s purpose or want to understand and lean into your own spiritual gifts, I’m here for all of that!

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