Paranormal Research

3So, here’s the deal – I wrote a young adult novel, and it happens to be about ghosts and other creepy things (disclaimer: there are no vampires or werewolves in this story – I’m sorry AND you’re welcome).  But I thought, in the name of “research” (and because I totally love all those awesome ghost hunting shows on SyFy and the Travel Channel), I will go on my own ghost hunting adventures and tell ya’ all about ’em!  I can feel your energy permeating through cyber-space…you’re totally stoked!

And since ghost hunting is way more fun with friends, I’ve wrangled a few other authors, illustrators and filmmakers to join me! We formed the group Ghost Stories Ink, and together we explore awesome, historical locations with a history of being haunted!

Hopefully, I’ll be brave enough to make it through the haunted locations we visit. If you happen to see any photos or videos from our adventures and it looks like maybe I might have peed my pants…I totally didn’t!  I fell down in a puddle after I spilled soda on myself while someone threw a water balloon directly at my lower half?  What?  That kind of stuff happens to me all the time!

Watch the Upcoming Events section for opportunities to join my team and I on a ghost hunt! 

4 thoughts on “Paranormal Research

    • jessicafreeburg says:

      I think most people are closet-paranormal freaks! 🙂 I’ll admit, I died when I heard one of the mom’s at my daughter’s dance studio say, “Ella’s mom is a ghost hunter!” My poor children with the weird mommy!! 🙂

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