Embrace the Journey and Live Your Truth by Turning Inward

You were created with Devine purpose. But sometimes, in the whirlwind of getting through each day we lose ourselves in the background noise of living.

Intuition is our most fundamental, spiritual gift. We all have it on some level. It’s just a matter of tuning into it. Truthfully, the best decisions I’ve made in my life and career have been guided by the still, small voice in the back of my mind. Sometimes I argue with it…

“No, I will not form a ghost hunting group of creative professionals. That’s weird.” Formed it – one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

“There is no way I can write a book about the Holocaust in 3 months. Nope. Not doing it.” Wrote it and found a love for writing nonfiction that I never knew I had. That book also led to 3 other books with that publisher.

“No, I will absolutely NOT tell people I’m interested in the paranormal because I’ve been seeing ghosts as long as I can remember. People will judge me and think I’m nuts!” Talk about it all the time – it’s kind of the perfect platform for my writing and for life in general – “Be unapologetically YOU!” It also, weeds out the friends who are worth having. – the ones who accept me as I am – waving my freak-flag like a rock star.

This list could go on and on and on! The point is…trusting that voice leading you down the road of life can be scary – especially if your voice encourages you to do things that push you outside your comfort zone. And if you’re not plugged into your intuition, you may not get the right guidance or any guidance at all. But when you plug in with intention, you can trust the voice to move you in the direction that is for your greatest and highest good. That’s where mindfulness comes in! When we turn inward, we turn upward. And when our guidance comes from that Higher vibration, you can trust you’re on the right track!

Private Coaching

Work with me 1:1. Bring a specific goal in mind or let me walk you through the basics of having a mindfulness practice that allows you to engage with your intuition with intention. The answers you’re looking for are inside you. I can help you uncover them.

Small Group Sessions

Join me at one of my group workshops or schedule a fun night with friends to get giddy over growing your intuition. Sharing your passion for mindfulness can be extra fun with wine and friends!

Retreats / Events

Watch for retreats/events I’m hosting or speaking at on my Upcoming Events page. Or reach out if you want a weird chick who writes creepy books, sees ghosts, and loves mindfulness to speak at an event/retreat you’re coordinating!

“After a major career upset, I was looking for more than resume advice to launch a fresh start. Jessica provided me with the support I needed to begin trusting, listening, and tapping into the guidance within and all around me. I learned to ‘trust’ over the need to ‘do,’ setting me up for the peace in the journey and success in my results.

Katie – Private Coaching Client

You were created to be a beacon of light & love!

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