A Reflection on Admiration

Today, in my morning meditation I focused on who I admire. You see, I’m doing a little self-evaluation. Thinking about this question: as a writer of books who gets the privilege of talking to kids and teens and other writers, what values do I want to emanate both in my public speaking and in my presence on social media? Perhaps, especially in my presence on social media because that reach is extensive and immediate and absorbed without the benefit of physical interaction.

There’s a lot to be said about physical presence in conversation – that energetic exchange between us can completely shift how our words and thoughts land on someone’s heart. And while our exchange of thought can be so immediate in the social media space, that is the space, we need to be most thoughtful about.

So, that was part of my reflection this morning. What do I want to convey through my written and spoken words? Part of that reflection involved thinking about who I admire and why.

Those we admire most are often a reflection of our deepest values

My thoughts kept coming back to three friends I work with who have been my support and often my sanity over the past three years. We meet once a week through the power of virtual technology from our home offices. Sometimes we talk about nothing. Sometimes we talk about everything. But we show up for each other every week.

I admire their non-judgement, their compassion, and their encouragement. I admire their honestly and their vulnerability. I can be a hot mess (physically – unshowered, in my pajamas – and emotionally – discouraged, frustrated). I guess, if I had to wrap it all up in a box with a pretty little bow, I have to say, I admire their devotion to just showing up.

I also kept thinking that I admire my dogs. Which is kind of funny because they lick their own butts and eat food off the floor. For the record, those are NOT the traits I admire in them, although their flexibility is impressive. But I realized, the list of things I admire in my fur-babies truly mirrors the traits I admire in those friends I mentioned above. They take me as I am, and they are a steady presence.

I left my mediation and reflection with this thought – when I present myself on social media, when I speak at schools or events, when I have coffee with a friend or acquaintance, I will embody those values.

I will take you as you are – no judgement. And I will show up.