A Day of True Love

Today is Valentine’s Day, and for many this day of love falls short of living up to the hype. Either they’re without a romantic partner to shower them with flowers or heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. Or they’re in a relationship with a significant other who didn’t catch on to the extreme hint when they left an ad on the counter for that jewelry store selling those two-stone best friend/true love rings and necklaces.

But do me a favor…do yourself a favor…let the commercial expectations of Valentine’s Day fall away, and allow today be a day that is TRULY about love.

Start by loving yourself. Do one thing today that makes you happy. Something you might not always do. Maybe it’s something as simple as taking a bubble bath or stopping at a coffee shop for a latte or leaving the dishes in the sink tonight so you can sit down and enjoy your favorite show on TV. Whatever makes you feel an extra measure of joy – do that!

Once you’ve decided how to show yourself a little extra love, go into this day with your heart and mind set on being the love you want others to be. You can actually be a walking-Valentine to everyone you see by simply allowing yourself to smile a little more. A genuine smile, a hearty “hello,” sitting with someone who’s sitting alone in the breakroom, paying for the order of the car behind you when you buy yourself that “Happy Valentine’s Day To Me” latte – any random act of kindness, big or small – do it!

Let’s not fall into the trap of what Valentine’s Day is suppose to look like according to all those commercials on TV, and let’s fill it with genuine love. It doesn’t have to cost anything. It’s simple, really. And maybe we can extend it into tomorrow, and the day after that. Maybe we can make every day about filling the space around us with kindness and love.

Now go! Call a friend or family member you think could use a cheery “howdy-ho!” Do the little things that make people feel appreciated. And be good to yourself!

#BeLove #Everyday

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