Smoking Drinks?! Sign Me up!

When Forepaugh’s manager told me they would be making special drinks for our book launch party that literally have smoke rolling off them, I squealed! I love the history of this mansion, and I’m so excited they’re hosting our event…especially since they  don’t like to make a fuss over the fact that their amazing, historic house is totally haunted!
The story of how it became haunted is tragic, as untimely death always is. Joseph Forepaugh, a wealthy business man, built the mansion for his wife Mary and their children in 1870. But when Mary discovered that Joseph was in love with their maid Moly, she insisted he end the affair, and the family promptly moved to England. Devastated, and reportedly pregnant with Joseph’s child, Molly, hung herself on the third floor (although there have been some reports that she actually threw herself from the third floor window – either way, it was the sad end of a young woman and her child’s lives). Did I mention our book launch party will be held on the third floor?  Yup, we picked that spot on purpose! Joseph’s family returned to St. Paul, but heartbroken over the death of Molly, he shot himself. And now, it’s said their spirits remain in the home where their love was first ignited.
Just look at the beautiful place! And the third floor is all ours on November's Friday the 13!!
Just look at the beautiful place! And the third floor is all ours on November’s Friday the 13!!
The current owners run the mansion as a French restaurant. The food is fabulous – their cheese curds are the best this side of the Mississippi, and I know my cheese curds! And the restored homes is absolutely beautiful inside and out.
If you’ve never been to Forepaugh’s it’s a must see in St. Paul, and when better to see it than during Ghost Story Ink’s book launch party for our first anthology of…you guessed it…ghost stories!
The party is Friday, November 13th (yup, Friday the 13th – also not an accident) from 6-9pm. The amazing Red Balloon Bookstore will be hosting a book sale featuring not only our anthology but also other books written by the authors featured in the book. New York Times best-selling author Jay Asher is coming all the way from sunny California (to chilly Minnesota in November) because he contributed a story to the anthology! Copies of his books 13 REASONS WHY and THE FUTURE OF US, will be at the book sale table.  My debut novel LIVING IN SHADOWS will be available, and this will be my first local book signing for that book! For all the details for the event, click here!
This is open to the public, and it is completely child friendly! GSI’s very own Shawn McCann will have lots of books for the little ones, and he’d love to personalize them with an autograph for your kiddos!
We would love to see you there! So come, let’s toast this anthology with cocktails that have smoke steaming off them, and celebrate history and the intrigue of a good ghost story!

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