It’s Almost Here!

Tomorrow, June 17th is the birthday of my debut novel LIVING IN SHADOWS! Is it funny that I think that’s super cool because both my daughters were born on the 17th (Ella was born on the 17th of May, and Brielle was born on the 17th of February)? I’m not really a numerology person – not that I don’t buy the idea of it, it’s just not something I’ve thought much about – but as far as coincidences go, I love all the awesomeness that seems to land on the 17th!

My publisher is releasing the e-book first (tomorrow), and the print book will follow several weeks later. I’ll be honest, that’s not my favorite way to launch a book…I really just want to hold a paper copy in my hands and flip through the pages…maybe stain a page or two with a few tears of joy. But the truth is, this gets the book into your hands sooner, and I’m happy about that!

You guys may already know that I LOVE to give stuff away, so I figured today, to celebrate that my book-baby is coming into the world tomorrow, it would be fun to have a contest! Because the e-book is available for pre-order on Amazon, I will give one FREE signed copy of the print version to someone who pre-orders the e-book today! All you have to do is snap a picture of your order receipt/confirmation and let me see it (share it on my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or in the comments on this post)!! And when you share it, use the hashtag #livinginshadows (because I love hashtags). I can guarantee every picture you share will make me squeal with excitement! The only catch is, the orders have to be pre-orders, so they have to be placed today only!!

You can click the image of the cover below to go directly to the Amazon page where you can pre-order LIVING IN SHADOWS!!


And speaking of contests, now seems like a perfect time to announce the winner of my last contest! Kevin J. has won a FREE copy of the e-book! Yay! I LOVE giving stuff away!!

Congrats, Kevin J.! And good luck to all of you who are placing your pre-orders today!


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