In just two weeks, my debut novel LIVING IN SHADOWS will officially be released…which means you all can read it! That makes me squeal with delight and feel like I could throw up a little (it’s sorta scary to think that people will be reading something I spent 4 years of my life creating…I mean, what if someone says they don’t like it…that’ll be a little like someone telling me my baby’s ugly).

Anxiety aside, I’m super-stoked, and in sharing my excitement with you, I wanted to let you see the cover!


I don’t know about you, but I love it! And yes, that little line above my name “THE SHADOWS SERIES BOOK ONE” means there will be more books based on these characters to come (squeal-puke)!

In celebrating my upcoming book release, I wanted to have a little contest and give one winner a FREE copy of the e-book! I like to keep my contests easy and use them as a way to get to know my friends a little more, so this will be a pressure-free, easy contest, and the winner will be drawn at random (think names stuck in a hat…I’m old-school like that). To enter, all you have to do is respond in the comments section (or via Twitter or Facebook) to the question, “What was your favorite book as a young adult?” See how easy that is?! Now, the only catch is, in your response you have to use the hashtags #livinginshadows and #contest. Easy peasy, as my kids say!

My response would look like this: Trick or Treat #livinginshadows #contest

Now, it’s your turn! Ready…go!!

11 thoughts on “LIVING IN SHADOWS Cover Reveal

  1. Kimber Leigh Wheaton says:

    The cover is fantastic! It really captures the story well– I should know since I did your content edit:) Good luck on your release! I’d be happy to feature you on my blog sometime in the next month or so.

  2. Sue Lau says:

    Back! I forgot the hash tags! #livinginshadows #contest (#can’tFollowDirections)
    Favorite book series Dark Shadows

  3. Mark Zukor says:

    #livinginshadows and #contest
    Can’t wait to read your book, Jessica (whether I win the contest or not). Congrats on your upcoming release!! The cover looks awesome.

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