Childhood Dreams DO Come True!

Lots and lots of years ago, my childhood besties and I use to play news anchors. We’d glam ourselves up a bit, set up our news table, then present the most riveting news programs known to kid-dom! I’m sure if my friends’ parents dug through their old VHS tapes from the 80s, they’d find a few of us getting our news on. They’d also find home movies of us putting on our own beauty pageants. And probably one or two of us doing interpretive dance routines to New Kids on the Block songs. Well, last Friday night, two of those three things actually reoccurred in my adult life! (1) I made my first official appearance on Darkness Radio as a Paranormal News Correspondent, along with my new co-Correspondents, Kaity Heart and Brandon Kuehn. (2) We rocked out to NKOTB as we came back from one of the commercial breaks.

Rock on DR
Hangin’ Tough in the studio!

It’s true, I’ve been sneaking onto Darkness Radio over the last one-plus year, so being in studio is nothing new. But it’s sort of awesome to be an official part of the team. Brandon, Kaity and I will be alternating Friday nights to help hosts Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis bring you the best of each week’s paranormal news. All three of us were in the studio last Friday. If you didn’t get to hear the show live, you can check out the pod cast.

Hour One

Hour Two

Hour Three

I’m honored that Dave and Tim asked me to be a regular part of the fun! Every time I hang out with these guys, I laugh myself into an asthma attack. I hope you’ll tune in to laugh along with us! If you stumble across a story you think we should share on-air, send me a message at And if you tune in and want to send me some constructive criticism or tell me I’d doing an okay job, you can message me with that, too!  You can catch Darkness Radio live Monday – Friday on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130 (9pm-Midnight).

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