LIVING IN SHADOWS the Book Trailer Reveal!

As some of you may already know, my agent sold my manuscript (I totally squealed when I typed that)!

It’s been a test of patience and faith (both in my agent and in myself) as I’ve waited the past two years for this to happen. Writing a book is a marathon – it took me two years just to write the manuscript. Going through the publishing process is like running a whole ‘nother marathon! And believe me, I’m not much for long-distance jogs, so it’s been a tough road to travel the past few years. But I’ve kept myself extra busy to avoid wallowing in my worry over the question, “Will this story ever even sell?” Busy ghost writing for other authors, busy producing documentaries, busy performing paranormal investigations with my Ghost Stories, Inc. group to keep myself inspired, busy writing screenplays, and even busy starting my next book (or two).

One of the things I did to keep myself excited over this manuscript as I waited for the right publisher to come along was to beginning creating a book trailer. Honestly, I set up a photo shoot to get pictures for it as soon as I signed with my agent. I believe in visualizing success in order to manifest what you want in your life. So when I signed with my agent and she start shopping around my story, I decided that it WOULD sell, and eventually, I’d need these pictures.

Once I got that long-awaited phone call from my agent telling me we had a taker, I dusted off those images we’d taken way back when my son (who is featured as the ghost boy in my trailer) was not yet double digits (he’s now nearly 13), and I played around with them until I felt like they were put together in a way that would tell the story of my story (if that makes sense).  I spent an entire day listening to music to find just the right one for the soundtrack. I shot off a rough draft of my book trailer to my director and fellow Ghost Stories, Inc. member, Joshua Sterling Bragg and let him work a little magic with what I had already pieced together. And then, I sent the final product to my agent who enthusiastically shared it with my publisher.

And now, I think it’s time to share it with you guys! I hope you like it. I sort of think I rocked it out, but ya’ know, I also think I look really cool doing the running man when I’m dancing, and my kids keep trying to convince me that I actually look the opposite of cool.

Either way, cool or not, here it is (just click the image below)! And sorry, it’s a bit of a tease. The book won’t be available until this spring, but it’s okay if you want to get excited about it with me now!

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