Being Mommy

Have you ever held a title at a job that made me feel sort of cool.  Like, if you put it on a business card and handed it out to folks on the street, they’d all be like, “Woa, that dude’s the CEO of Financial Analytical Neuroscience!  He’s obviously a genius!”

**Side Note: I don’t think Financial Analytical Neuroscience is actually a thing, but it sounds super-smart, right?

My business cards say things like, “Author,” “Editor,” “Producer,” “Founder of Ghost Stories, Inc.” But if I was to stamp my card with the job that is most important to me (and happens to also be my favorite), it would simply say “Mommy.”

Here’s a quick snippet of my favorite parts of being Mommy this week.

(1) When my 11 year-old son (who is as tall as me and a little super-star athlete who has to shave his mustache at least once a week to avoid looking totally creepy) said, “Goodnight, Mommy!” in front of his buddy who was spending the night.

(2) When my 9 year-old daughter cried, not because she was sad, but because “I’m just so happy because you’re home from LA, and my heart is so full of love for you that it’s coming out as tears!”

(3) When my 4 year-old daughter was sitting in the back seat on the way to gymnastics and spontaneously declared, “You are the best mommy ever, and I love you bigger than the sky!”  (and all I was doing was driving and rapping along with Iggy Azalea).

I have a lot of moments where I doubt if I’m doing this mommy-job very well (just like sometimes I cry because I think I’m a horrible writer and I should throw in the towel and listen to what my mom says about what a great secretary I would be), but the truth is, I think I’m doing alright.  I mess up sometimes.  But my kids know I love them.  And when I do make a big ol’ fat mistake in parenting, I’m quick to own it and let them know that it’s okay to be less than perfect.

All of this makes me even more excited about my newest project that I just signed a contract for this week!  I’m honored to be working with a super-cool mom who has an amazing story.  Her name is Jill Murphy (if you click her name, you can check out her blog – not that you didn’t know that, but you know I have to specify such things for my mother – love you, Mom!)  She’s a birth mom and an adoptive mom.  Her journey to motherhood is amazing!  Her story will make you cry and laugh and find comfort in knowing that the Big Guy Upstairs has a plan, even when it seems like life makes no sense at all.

So today my Friday’s Favorite is simply, “Being Mommy!”  What a blast…what an honor…what a terrifying realization that I’m shaping a future adult!

Cheers to all you other mommies!  <3

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