Friday’s Favorite

I really want to share at least one blog post with you all each week, but it has to be SUPER-SHORT, and SUPER-EASY to write because this writing-momma is swamped (between the kids’ activities and my own projects, I’m forgetting to eat and sleep…great for the bikini season…not so awesome for the bags under my eyes.  I seriously found myself writing “TAKE A SHOWER” on my to-do-list yesterday…which is sad and more than a little gross).

So, I will try (though I make NO promises), to post one of my favorite things that happens each week on Friday (Friday’s Favorite…cheesy, I know, but whatever…I’m too tired to be wildly creative at the moment). It may be something as simple as a picture or a short story or maybe even some super-awesome big news about my writing.  Whatever it is, it will be my favorite thing from all the awesome, funny, border-line insane things that happened that week.

So here it is…my first Friday’s Favorite!

It’s no secret my youngest, Brielle, is a total nudist. I don’t mind. Seeing her streak through the house all skinny legged and white bottomed makes me giggle. What’s not funny is how she’s started stripping down to her birthday suit when we’re trying to go somewhere.  She will be fully dressed (probably in a swimsuit with rain boots and a Ninja Turtle bike helmet, but hey…her unmentionables are covered, so I don’t judge her attire), but then I tell her to put her shoes on, and she’ll say, “Okay, Mommy.” Only to appear in the entry way 100% naked.

This week, I was trying to get the girls out the door to my son’s baseball game.  I was packing up a bag of goodies for them, and sent Brielle (who was wearing a sun dress) to get her shoes on.  I ran upstairs to grab something quickly and came back to find her (you guessed it) laying on the floor naked as a Jaybird.  My older daughter, Ella, was just sitting beside her painting, completely unaffected by her sister’s nudity.

I stood above my youngest, my hands on my hips.

“I’m pretty unimpressed by what I see here,” I said, using one finger to draw a circle in the air above her scrawny, naked body for emphasis.

Ella looked up and shook her head. “Are you surprised?” she asked before returning to her art.

“Nope,” I replied, “not at all. But if she’s going to the baseball game naked, then so am I!”

Ella threw down her paintbrush, her eyes filled with terror, and yelled at her sister, “Oh my gosh, Brielle!  Hurry up, and get your clothes on!” Brielle tore up the stairs and was throwing on her sun dress before I could fully comprehend that they were actually afraid I might do it.

I can already imagine Brielle telling her future therapist, “No, my mom didn’t spanked me, but she often threatened me with public displays of nudity.”  It may not be great parenting, but a momma’s gotta do what a momma’s gotta do.

One day I may have to include “Threaten to escort your children to events naked…” in a book of parenting tips.  Don’t pretend like you wouldn’t read it if I wrote it!  🙂

Happy Friday!!

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