Stupider Things You’ve Spent $5 Dollars On

As the INDIEGOGO campaign for HAUNTED STATE comes to a close, I thought it would be fun to make a list of stupider things you’ve spent $5 on!

  • Edible undergarments.  Don’t pretend like you’ve never seen a package of edible underpants.  Even if you just bought them as a teen so you could see if they actually tasted like Fruit Roll-Ups…I know I’m not the only one who sat in my bestie’s bedroom passing the strawberry-flavored panties around as everyone giggled and tried a bite!
  • Diet pills that claim to make you lose 20 pounds in one week.  They left you all jittery and probably gave you diarrhea, and let’s be honest, you know you paid more than $5 for them!
  • A box of hair color from the local drugstore.  Remember that time you turned your hair orange, or pink, or (God bless your parents) you went jet black in high school to show your unwavering support of your volleyball team when they made it the state championships?  Yup…that was stupid…and it cost you at least 5 bucks!
  • The packages of toilet paper you used to TP your friend’s house.  Okay, that one’s actually awesome, and if you’ve NEVER been TPing, we need to hang out sometime so I can help you check it off your bucket list.  But it’s sort of a waste of toilet paper…oh, who am I kidding…it’s totally not a waste, but I guess we can classify that as stupid, but super-fun!
  • Penis straws for your friend’s bachelorette party…or those nipple pasties you bought her to wear on her wedding night…or basically anything you bought as a party favor or gag gift at such an event.
  • That $10 couch you bought off eBay thinking it would look great in your living room.  You couldn’t believe what a bargain it was…except when it arrived in your mailbox (yes, I said mailbox), it was a couch for a dollhouse, and you were all like, “Yeah, I totally knew it wasn’t an actual couch!  I was just kidding when I asked you all to come over and help me move my new sofa into my living room today.  Jokes on you!” **hangs head in shame**  (And FYI, that actually happened…not to me…but to my friend, who shall remain nameless)  🙂
  • Any meal you purchased at an all-you can eat Chinese buffet.  We could probably say any meal you’ve purchased at ANY buffet, but if you’re chowing down sushi that’s been sitting in a line of other  semi-warm/semi-cold foods that hundreds of other people have walked past, touched, and/or breathed on , that’s EXTRA stupid, and trust me when I tell you, you will regret it when you’re praying to the porcelain God or pooping through a screen door (figuratively speaking) later that night.

This list could go on and on!  And I’m sure you all could add more (and it would be super-cool if you left them in the comments…cause they’re sort of fun to write/read), but the point is…if all my friends would donate JUST $5 to the INDIEGOGO campaign for the documentary HAUNTED STATE: WHISPERS FROM HISTORY PAST, we’d have the money we need to finish production of this movie with the extra bells and whistles that will take it from the good film (that it already is), to the super-awesome film we want it to be!

And you’d be doing me a solid!  This is the first film I’ve helped produce that is listed on IMDb (the Internet Movie Database)…which means, it has put me on IMDb (click HERE to see it)…which makes me squeal like a little girl getting a pony for her birthday!  I want my first film with my name listed as the producer in the credits to TOTALLY ROCK!

Donating is easy.  Click the link below…

And select the “perk” you’re comfortable with on the right-hand side of the page.  For just $5, your name will appear in the end credits of the film, which by the way, will appear in theaters on the big screen!  Cool, right?!  And not nearly as stupid as that scratchy, stuffed bear that smells like stale cigarettes that you spent WELL over $5 to win in the ring-toss at the county fair!



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