Film Review & Support for Michael A. Brown’s – HAUNTED STATE: WHISPERS FROM HISTORY PAST

Another great blog post about the film I’m helping produce!! Love seeing this kind of support from the paranormal community for this movie!!


HAUNTED STATE: WHISPERS FROM HISTORY PAST is an independent documentary produced by Michael A. Brown, Jessica Freeburg and David Williams.

The film takes you on an adventurous journey through many different locations in Wisconsin, focusing on it’s rich history and sometimes, unsettling past. Follow the paranormal investigators of as they search for the truth behind the claims of some of Wisconsin’s most enduring folklore and legends, while helping to preserve history. It’s a film that will certainly appeal to paranormal enthusiasts, researchers and history buffs alike. Funding for this film is currently being held and can be found here

The film is in it’s final phase of production and will be released later this year (2014). For more information, please check these links as well Image


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