Haunted State

Love this blog post about one of my current film projects!! Thank you, Joni Mayhan for sharing our film with your fans!!


When  Jessica Freeburg asked me to help promote a project she’s supporting, I did what I normally do. I researched it to see if it was something I also wanted to support. What I didn’t expect was to become fully absorbed in the research. Haunted State is a documentary, digging into the haunted locations in Wisconsin. The production company is currently raising funds to expand the documentary, with a release goal of fall 2014. The teaser follows the investigation of the Stone Cellar Brewpub in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Built in 1859, the Stone Cellar Brewpub is a very haunted location. Patrons and employees have witnessed a plethora of paranormal activity, including hearing phantom footsteps, objects falling, voices, and apparitions. Please take a moment to read the following blog written by Jessica, and then watch the 30 minute webisode. You’ll soon be as mesmerized as I was.

Take it away, Jessica!

Haunted State:…

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