Who Wants to go Ghost Hunting?!

A month from now, I’ll be back at the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, MN with my Ghost Stories, Inc. group for a full weekend of paranormal fun!  We’ve been there 3 times already, and each time has been amazing, but ya’ know what’s even more special about this time??  We’re taking a group of friends!  Kelley Freese, the owner, has allowed GSI to host our first ever paranormal event in her super-awesome hotel.  I can’t think of a better place for our first event.  After all, the idea for Ghost Stories, Inc. was basically born there!

The last time we were there we took our director Josh Bragg with us.  Yes, he flew from NYC for a night in the Palmer House, and I think he’ll agree it was worth the trip.  The footage we capture was so awesome we’ve decided to hold it a bit and present it to you all in a full-length episode rather than a series of short clips.  Why?  Because once you start watching it, you’re not gonna be satisfied with a 5 minute clip!  You’re gonna want at least 30 minutes…and if you don’t get it, I’m afraid you might stomp your feet or throw things in a fit of rage (hey, I’ve got three kids…I see that kind of thing all the time, and I promise not to judge you for throwing a tantrum, but for the sake of your computer screen, we’re gonna try to avoid creating a level of frustration that causes you to hurl things in anger).

So you’ll have to wait to watch the footage, but it’ll be worth it!  On the bright side, you don’t have to wait to see the Palmer House first-hand!  You can totally come with us!  We only have a few tickets left, which can be purchased by clicking here.  You can read the flier with our itinerary for the weekend below.  We’re even gonna write/sketch in the haunted basement!  Sqeeeee!!  I’m almost as excited about doing that with ya’ all as I am for the paranormal investigation (because I’m a nerd and I love writing and stuff)!  🙂


Join Jessica, Sean, Scott and Shawn of Ghost Stories, Inc. for a weekend of ghostly inspiration at the historic, and notoriously haunted, Palmer House Hotel April  4th – 6th!

Friday, April 4th

The fun begins at 6pm in the Palmer House Pub.  Get to know members of the Ghost Stories, Inc. crew and meet the other guests of the event.

At 10pm, join GSI for a viewing of a scary movie!

Saturday, April 5th

Members of Ghost Stories will host two creative workshops in the basement.

10am – noon:  Art in the Dark

Okay, you won’t literally be doing art in the dark, but you will be sketching in a haunted basement.  Bring your own supplies.  GSI and the Palmer House will supply the creepy inspiration!

2pm – 4pm: Writing with the Spirits

GSI will discuss ways to channel your inner-Stephen King.  Clarifier: we will not actually be “channeling” anyone; however, we will let our senses take our creativity into the dark corners of our minds.  Bring your own writing tools/paper/laptop.

8pm-9pm: Ghost Hunting 101 in the café.

10 pm – 2 am: Paranormal Investigation

Sunday, April 6th

Check out by 11, but not before grabbing breakfast in the café.

*GSI will not provide food and drinks for the weekend, but the Palmer House offers a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Though you may have a drink Friday night, no alcoholic beverages will be allowed Saturday.  We expect each of our guests to treat the Palmer House with the utmost respect throughout the weekend.

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