My Babies Met Selena Gomez

Okay, so this is the least creative title EVER in the history of my blog posts, but I’ve got 4 children at my house today and the microwave repair man just left…so I’m totally multi-tasking and my creative juices are not exactly flowing with all these distractions.  But I so wanted to share this with ya’ all today!!

So, there are a few perks my kids get to enjoy from having a super-weird, ghost-hunting-author mom.  Last month, when Selena Gomez was in Minneapolis, my screenwriting partner (who is friends with Selena and her mother) offered to see if he could hook us up with backstage passes.  When I told my 8 year-old daughter that she was going to not only attend the concert, but she was also going to meet Selena backstage, AND she could bring a friend…well, I’m pretty sure I had temporary hearing loss due to all the excited screaming.

A super-huge thanks to my friend and writing partner (who shall remain nameless so people don’t start hitting him up for a similar favor – and who, by the way, completely owed me one because I totally made our last project WAY funnier than he could have ever written it without me…sort of joking – he doesn’t owe me, but I do make our projects funnier).

Here’s a picture from our visit with Selena backstage.  And if you like her music or your kids dig it, and you can ever make it to one of her concerts, you should totes go (see how I said totes instead of totally?  It’s like going to a Selena Gomez concert suddenly made me cooler or something).  She put on an amazing show and confetti rained down on our heads at the end which always makes a girl happy!  And on top of being a great performer, she was so sweet to the kids!  I’m officially a fan.

Those are some happy children!
Our friends and my family backstage.  Cara, Riley, Selena, Ella, Logan, Me, and Landon.

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