In The Face of a Stranger

Monday nights have officially become my favorite evening.  Wanna know why?!  Cause Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader have been sweet enough to let me come in and hang with them at Darkness Radio every Monday.  I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m awful grateful to those boys for letting me in on the fun.

Dave and I preshow.  We were totally ready to rock the paranormal encounters stories!
Dave and I preshow. We were totally ready to rock the paranormal encounters!

This week, I shared a personal story, wondering if anyone else had ever had a similar experience.  You can hear me recount the incident on the podcast by clicking here.   But here’s the long and short of it.

On two occasions I’ve felt as if I was seeing the face of a loved one who had passed away in the face of a stranger.  Most recently, while attending a pow-wow with my family and my co-writer for my most recently competed manuscript, Ruth Lordan (who is a super-amazing psychic/spiritual counselor – if you’re not familiar with her, you should click on her name and check her out), I saw a woman, who reminded me so much of my grandmother who passed away over three years ago that I teared up and my husband had to convince me that it was a bad idea to run on the field where she was dancing in full native garb and hug her.  That one I can fairly easily pass off as coincidence…although it struck me in such a profound way that I wondered if it could be more.  And it reminded me of the first time I had experienced something like that.

It happened about four years ago, when my cousin passed away.  It was sudden, and very tragic.  He shot himself in his bedroom at his parents home.  His mother, my mother’s sister, called us immediately and asked us to come right away.  It was a four-hour drive, and by the time we arrived, the crime scene cleaning service had already begun their grim job.  In shock, I sat in the living room adjacent to the bedroom, watching the two men, dressed in white protective clothing from head-to-toe, coming in and out of the room.

When they had done all they could do for the day and removed their head coverings, I was shocked.  One of them looked back at me with the face of my cousin.  Piercing, blue eyes.  Chiseled jaw-line.  So handsome (God had blessed my cousin with a face that couldn’t be described as anything less than beautiful – which probably isn’t how boys like to be described, but he was striking – handsome just isn’t enough to cover it).  If you had told me my cousin was standing in front of me, I would have believed you.

And it wasn’t just the fact that he was my cousin’s Doppelganger.  It was the way, he looked at me.  More than sympathetic, it felt apologetic.  For a moment, it was as if my cousin stood in front of me, saying he was sorry.

Shock and grief can do strange things to your mind.  I chalked it up to that.  But throughout the next few months, my mother, my aunt and I all experienced moments when my cousin’s spirit came to us.  It made me wonder, was he coming to me that day.

So there ya’ go…reason number 587 you’ll think I’m nuts!  Luckily, I’ve learned to rock my craziness like a Prada gown on a New York City runway during Fashion Week, so I don’t mind tellin’ ya’.  If you’ve ever had an experience like that, you should totally tell me about it in the comments!  Cause ya’ know when you’re standing naked in front of a large, fully-clothed crowd, it’s always nice to have someone strip off their clothes and stand naked beside ya’!  Figuratively speaking, of course.

You can enjoy all three hours of Monday night’s broadcast by clicking the links below.

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Darkness Radio airs live Monday – Friday (9pm-midnight CST) on I-Heart Radio or listen to the pod casts any ol’ time ya’ want!  If you’re not listening to Darkness Radio, you’re totally missing out.  It rocks!

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