The Things My Kids Make Me Do

I should be blogging about my Ghost Stories Inc. group’s last paranormal investigation or the super-awesome documentary, A BLOOD RED SKY, that I attending a viewing of this week.  I promise to write a recap of our last investigation sometime soon, and I will tell you that Chad Calek’s documentary is amazing so if you can attend one of the viewings, DO IT!  If not, when it’s available to view online or purchase, DO THAT!

So why am I NOT using my precious writing time to blog about something more important?  Well, it’s all my son’s fault!

Since he first heard of the viral video phenomenon, “The Harlem Shake,” he’s been begging me to help him make one.  I keep saying, “Sure. We can do that sometime.”  But there never seems to be a very good time to let a group of kids storm my home and dance around to some silly song while I video tape their craziness.  But this morning when Logan asked if he could make one with his sisters, I said, “Why not?!”

Did I mention that I am in the midst of packing so my children can spend the next 8 days on my dad’s farm?  I’m also packing for my own trip to LA for a week.  And, for some strange reason, I feel the need to leave my home in a state of uncommon cleanliness.  My husband will be here, but I still have that lingering thought…what if something happens and I don’t make it home and people come to my house, all sad and mourning my death, only to realize that in life I was a complete slob!  Despite how hectic this day is, I figured, I won’t be seeing my sweet monkeys for over a week – let’s send one another off on a fun note!

Our first video turned out pretty good.  And the app we used to do it made it so easy, I heard myself saying, “Hey, run around and gather up the neighborhood kids, and we’ll make a big one in the backyard!”  Of courses, I didn’t have to say that twice, and we soon had a pack of kiddos standing behind our home holding various goofy costumes.  It only took about 10 minutes to stage the scene and get the kids ready.  And after three takes, we had the one we liked the best.

Because I know kids LOVE to see the number of views on their YouTube videos rise, I thought I’d share the link with you all.  I know, it has nothing at all to do with writing.  It’s not haunted or even remotely paranormal.  But it is creative and pretty weird, so it kinda-sorta relates to my typical blog topics.  Anyway, check ’em out!  The kids are pretty proud of themselves!

Our First Harlem Shake Video

Our Harlem Shake With The Neighborhood Kids 

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