Balloons Full of Glitter and a Ghost Hunt!

The past couple weeks have been an absolute whirlwind!  Someone over-scheduled my children this year (ok, that someone was me), and I’ve got all these deadlines and projects looming above my head like beautiful, over-inflated helium balloons threatening to explode (in this analogy, the balloons are filled with glitter, so if they do explode, it’s gonna be messy, but beautiful all at the same time).

Even though I feel like I’m standing in the center of a funnel cloud, watching lots of really, super-awesome things fly past me so quickly my brain barely has time to register the super-awesomeness of it all, I wanted to take a minute to tell you how totally and completely excited I am about this Thursday!!  Why?  Two reasons.

(1) I get to attend a luncheon with a group of amazing women to watch another amazing woman speak.  That amazing woman happens to be someone I’m ghost writing a book for.  It’ll be fun to see her in her element.  Plus, I get to eat lunch with adults.  I’ll bet my meal is completely devoid of mac-n-cheese or hotdogs!  And I bet that no one wipes their ketchup-covered fingers on me (or cheese-covered, or booger-covered…heck, I bet no one wipes any kind of fingers on me at all)!  The only downfall is then I won’t be able to blame one of my kids when I finish my meal and find a dribble of salad dressing down the front of my shirt.  Oh well, I’ll just blame whoever’s sitting next me!  🙂

(2) After my grown-up lunch and a meeting with the woman I’m writing for, I will be heading to the Palmer House Hotel for an overnight investigation with my Ghost Stories, Inc. group!  Palmer House was the first group investigation we did, but this time we’re going back with a camera crew to film footage for our web-series/documentary!  This will likely be the first setting for a project my agent has strongly encouraged our group to write, so on top of ghost hunting (which is uber-fun), we’ll also be brainstorming and possibly getting started on this awesome thing that I’m not ready to tell you about yet, but will soon, I promise.

And after staying up ALL night, then reviewing as much evidence as possible before we can’t stand to look at anymore video footage or listen for one more EVP, I will boogie back home to meet my family at the first night of my son’s weekend-long baseball tournament!  I’ll be the mom wearing a hat and sunglasses, leaning oddly against the bleacher behind me trying to pretend like I’m not falling asleep.

Also, in case you hadn’t heard or maybe you’d forgotten, Ghost Stories, Inc. is having a contest this month!!  All you have to do is share your own personal ghost story either in the comments on the Ghost Stories, Inc. blog or on the Ghost Stories, Inc. Facebook page!  You could win a copy of Lies Beneath, signed by the amazing author, Anne Greenwood Brown!  So share a ghost story!!  I can’t wait to read them all!!  I hope they scare me so much I can’t sleep at night!  🙂

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