A Little Video Clip, a Little Picture and a Whole Lot of Awesome!

This will be a very quick post, because I somehow managed to say yes to another project which has me putting together a book proposal for my agent.  I love writing, but I don’t love writing book proposals.  They are, however, a necessary evil AND they mean you have a project that someone thinks might actually sell.  SO…I guess I both love AND hate them.  But no matter how busy I am at the moment, I HAD to share a couple of bits from our last Ghost Stories, Inc. adventure!

We had such a great investigation this past weekend at a private residence in a Twin Cities suburb.  We actually captured a loud voice moaning, “Nooooo” through a walkie-talkie in response to our team asking the spirit to tap a response on the wall.  Click the link below and visit Ghost Stories, Inc. Facebook Page to see the video clip.  What you don’t see is the reaction of our team-member, Scott, when he realizes what he’s just heard was actually a voice coming through the device attached to the hood of his sweatshirt.  We promise to share that part of the clip with you when we’ve finished putting together the video of our entire investigation.  The audio in the video doesn’t do this justice.  This was hands-down, one of the creepiest audio communications I’ve ever heard.  It was so clear, and so loud, and seemed to be a direct response to our request. 

Ghost Stories, Inc Facebook Video Clip

I also wanted to show you one of my favorite pictures of my crew from the evening.  I took the photo so I’m not in it.

The boys
The boys

Let me tell ya’ what was going on prior to me taking this photo.  Scott, Tristin and I were watching a short shadow in the dining room directly down the hall from the master bedroom where we were conducting an EVP session.  We watched it for quite a while, and all three of us agreed that we saw something there.  So I walked into the hallway toward the shadow trying to see it better close up – or maybe touch it or something.  As I got closer I couldn’t see it anymore, I reached out to touch the spot where I thought I’d seen it earlier and felt nothing.  Total bummer.  As I turned around, I saw all four of the boys wedged into the doorway, night-vision and infrared camera’s trained on me.  I had to laugh, tell them they were “so cute” and then take a picture.   Note: grown men don’t love being called “so cute,” they prefer adjectives like studly or tough.  Unfortunately, I don’t like to lie and in this particular case, they looked cute, bordering on adorable.

As we sift through our evidence, we’ll share more about this investigation on our Ghost Stories, Inc. page, but for now, back to writing a book proposal!

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