Did you know you can buy these?!  They sell them at A CHRISTMAS STORY House Gift Shop.  One day, I will have one and I will put it out along with my Christmas Tree each year!!
Did you know you can buy these?! They sell them at A CHRISTMAS STORY House Gift Shop. One day, I will have one and I will put it out along with my Christmas Tree each year!!

Last night I received a very sweet and unexpected tweet from my new author friend, Jaime Guerard, saying she had nominated my blog for a LIEBSTER AWARD!  My first reaction was, “Ah, thanks, Jaime!” followed by, “What on earth is a Liebster Award?!”  Well, it’s simple, really.  It’s kinda like the leg lamp from A CHRISTMAS STORY.  It’s a big, bright MAJOR AWARD wrapped in a fish net stocking.  Okay, not technically, but it’s something like that.  And I’m just as thrilled and proud as Ralphie’s dad to receive it!

Naturally, this honor comes with some rules.  I need to post 11 random facts about myself, answer 11 Questions that Jaime asked me, then nominate 11 more blogs.  Somehow, I’ll squeeze the unexpected extra work into my day because it’s sweet that Jaime nominated my blog, it gives my readers a chance to get to know me better, and it gives me a chance to pay it forward by honoring other blogs.

Basically, by the time you’re done reading this post you’re going to know WAY more about me than you ever actually wanted to know.  Brace yourself!


1.  I sing ALL the time.  I sign in the shower.  I sing in the car.  I sing conversations with my children (like we live in a musical – sometimes they sing back – sometimes they just tell me I’m weird).

2.  I dance on table tops whenever I can.  You may think people only do such things when they’re drunk.  Not true.  I once got the entire Family and Consumer Science department from the high school I taught at to dance on the table at a teacher recognition dinner. 

3.  My high school band teacher made me the secretary of our band in an attempt to keep me busy at the beginning of practice so I would be less likely to disrupt class with my dancing and other various inappropriate behaviors.

4.  As a child, I was extremely shy.  Somehow, I overcame that.

5.  I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters.

6.  I once ate candy until I puked. 

7.  I’m extremely girly, but I don’t like chick-flicks.  I’d much rather watch a horror movie or something along the lines of Die Hard. 

8.  I know every word to Baby Got Back…I use to write out the lyrics during teacher meetings in an attempt to make it look like I was taking notes.

9.  I once got yelled at for using the staff bathroom at the middle school I taught at because the lady thought I was a student.

10.  I watch GOOD LUCK CHARLIE when the kids aren’t home because I think it’s hilarious.

11.  I’m addicted to reality TV…THE REAL HOUSEWIVES franchise, GHOST HUNTERS and TATTOO NIGHTMARES are my current favs.

And now for the eleven questions that Jaime sent me.

  1. Who is your favorite author? This is a hard one cause I have lots of friends who are totally awesome authors…so I’m going with someone I don’t know personally (if you’re my friend and feeling slighted because I didn’t type your name for this one, I was TOTALLY thinking you!!).  As a writer of paranormal, I love reading anything by Stephen King.  Obviously he rocks – and doesn’t need ME to say so, but I do say so!  You rock, Steve…I mean Stephen…umm, Mr. King…scratch that.  You rock, sir (there that feels about right).
  2. What is your favorite quote?  “Your pencils are creating a health hazard.  I could fall and pierce an organ.” – Dwight Schrute  What?!  I know Dwight Schrute isn’t an actual person, so technically I’m quoting a screenwriter, but screenwriters rock, and that quote makes me giggle like a second grade boy who just farted during story time. 
  3. What type of genre do you like to read? Why?  As the Assistant Regional Advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators for the state of Minnesota, I tend to read lots of children’s books.  YA paranormal is my favorite, but I kind of love them all!
  4. Where do you hope to be in 5 years? Honestly, I hope I’m trying to figure out how to juggle three kids and a book tour while I try on dresses to wear to my newest movie premier…did I mention my agent would text me while I’m stripped down to my Spanx in a dressing room (between gowns) to let me know that one of my movies was just nominated for an Academy Award?   
  5. How long have you been writing? Forever, but I became a paid author 4 years ago.  I was only paid $50, but whatever…I was paid!!  So, I suppose that’s when I felt like I was officially an author.
  6. Who has inspired you throughout your life? My parents.  I’ve got 4 of them…my parents divorced when I was 6 and both remarried.  They’ve given me 8 awesome brothers and sisters.  I can’t imagine life without a single one of them.  All 4 of my parents have contributed to making me the person I am (in a positive way – but if I ever end up homeless or with an alcohol or drug habit, I reserve the right to blame them…that’s what’s parents are for, right?). 
  7. What is one word to describe your personality?  Someone once told me I was “glittery.”  I like that.  Glitter sparkles, but it’s totally messy.  That’s me…I’m kind of a sparkly mess.
  8. What is your favorite book? Why? TRICK OR TREAT by Richie Tankersley Cusick.  I know, you’re thinking, “Huh?!”  I bought this book at a school book fair in 1989!  Every now and then, I dust it off, and read it again.  It’s the first book that ever freaked me out, and I’ve been hooked on freaky stories ever since!
  9. Life’s too short for… (you fill in the blank) not pursing your dreams.  I honestly think those ideas that come into your mind that seem unattainable are the divinely planted ones, and if you don’t try to go after your dreams, you’re missing out on doing exactly what God designed you to do.
  10. What is your desert island food (you only get one choice)? Mashed potatoes with gravy.
  11. If you could have one celebrity on your speed dial, who would it be and why?  That’s easy.  Sean Connery.  He has the best voice EVER.  He wouldn’t even have to say anything meaningful.  I’d just like to hear him say “Good morning, Jessica” or maybe recite the alphabet to me every day.

Now, I’m suppose to nominate 11 blogs.  I believe the rule is that they have less than 200 followers, but I have no flippin’ idea how to figure out how many followers a blog has, so if they have more than 200, whatever!  You should check them out anyway!  They’re all talented writers/illustrators/photographers and they’re all worth taking a peek at!  My nominations are:

  1. BottledWorder
  2. Forcing Myself Happy
  3. Patrick Latter
  4. Michelle Hegarty
  5. Scott Spinks
  6. Alicia Schwab
  7. Tera Photography
  8. Shawn McCann
  9. Red Sofa Literary
  10. Nina Crittendon
  11. Christina Rodriquez

And my questions for them are…

1)      What did you want to be when you grew up?

2)      Who was your celebrity crush as a kid?

3)      Favorite movie?

4)      Favorite book/author/illustrator?

5)      Do you believe in ghosts?  Why or why not?

6)      What is your stupid human trick (for example, I can fit my entire fist in my mouth:  giant mouth + small hands)?

7)      If you could go back in time and tell your teenage self one thing, what would it be?

8)      Most embarrassing moment?

9)      What’s the one thing you’d most like to be remembered for when you’re gone (you know, dead…sorry, kind of morbid, but it’s a deep thought kind of question).

10)   Do you talk to yourself (out loud, when no one else is around)?

11)   What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

So there!  I completed the requirements (I think).  Now I can officially add that little Liebster Award to my widgets – look at me, talkin’ all techy!  Yeah, I know what a widget is!  Go me!  🙂 

Happy New Years to you all!

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