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This blog post is going to be short and sweet because I’m kind of not doing a post this week.  I know – it’s craziness!  But I’ve spent most of my “blog time” trying to make this site a little nicer.  So instead of a post, I made a new page!  It’s called “The Road to Publication,” and it tells the story of how I got to the point where I spend time worrying about blogs and posts and web pages!

I also made some changes to the layout of my site and removed the ginormous picture of myself from the header.  Why, you wonder?  Because I had several complaints from my friends, family and followers that when they came to my site they involuntarily shrieked.  Okay, that’s not true.  But I’m much more comfortable with the picture of foggy trees running across the top (plus there are lots of trees in my novel – and they’re spooky – and there might be ghosts hiding behind them), and if you miss that mug shot of me, you can always peek at “About” – it’s there to smile back at you. 

So feel free to check out my new page!  If you find it interesting – cool!  If not, don’t tell me!  And if you happen to be traveling down your own bumpy road to publication, keep on truckin’!  Seriously – you wouldn’t curl up on the side of the road and give up on your journey if you drove through a pothole on the way to Disneyland (or Vegas or a remote tropical island or wherever the heck you happen to be heading).  So don’t give up on your story!  The bumps are all part of the journey – they’re there to keep your butt from falling asleep while you drive!

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